Reflections on the Quest: Calvin on Christ

I picked up John Calvin’s commentary on Hebrews this morning (Calvin + Coffee + Saturday morning = Life is good).  As he discussed the importance of not drifting away from God and the gospel, he wrote, “God would indeed have His gifts valued by us according to their worth. Then the more precious they are, the baser is our ingratitude when we do not value them. In a word, in proportion to the greatness of Christ will be the severity of God’s vengeance on all the despisers of His Gospel.”  Munch on that truth.  The author of Hebrews tells us that we shall not escape if we ignore God’s great salvation (2:3).  So–the question begging to be asked is:  Are we neglecting Jesus?  Are we drifting away (2:1)?  The cure is also given in the first verse of this chapter:  “we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard” (ESV).  In other words, we must know and value the truth about Jesus Christ.  If you are a believer, you know Jesus both subjectively and objectively.  Hold tightly to Him.  Do not allow yourself to slip away from Christ!  Thankfully, God has given us gifts to help us value that which is most valuable.  Some have called these gifts “the means of grace.”  That list includes the Word of God, the local church, edifying books, Christian fellowship and God-centered internet websites.  My friends, Jesus Christ is worthy of our passionate allegiance.  Value Him.  Draw closer to Him today.  Stay by His side by faith.  Thanks for reading!


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