Reflections on the Quest: Communicated and Confirmed

While teaching Hebrews, chapter two in Sunday School, I mentioned that we should not veer too far from the Gospels.  It is in the Gospels where we both see and hear the Lord Jesus Christ.  We find Jesus announcing the arrival of the kingdom (Heb. 2:3 [see Matthew 5-7] and God’s certification that both the Messenger and the message were legit (Heb. 2:4 [see Matthew 8 & 9])!  After a sermon that many have described as “the greatest sermon ever preached” (Jesus’ sermon on the mount [Mt. 5-7]), Jesus performed “signs, wonders and various miracles” (Heb. 2:4).  If you have the opportunity, read the eighth and ninth chapters of the Gospel of Matthew.  After announcing the arrival of the kingdom, King Jesus easily proved His identity!  After amazing the multitude with His teaching (Mt. 7:28), He amazed His disciples (Mt. 8:27) and awed the crowds (Mt. 9:8).  He touched and healed a leper (Mt. 8:3), healed a sick servant from a distance (Mt. 8:13), restored health to an ill mother-in-law (Mt. 8:15), drove out demonic spirits (Mt. 8:16), calmed a storm (Mt. 8:26), allowed a paralytic to walk (Mt. 9:7) and raised a dead daughter Mt. 9:25)!  That’s my Jesus!  He said remarkable things, and He performed remarkable deeds!  The admonition of Hebrews 3:1 applies to each of us today:  “fix your thoughts on Jesus” (NIV [NASB:  “consider Jesus”]).  I hope this entry has helped you to do just that!  My friends, don’t veer too far from the Gospels, for in the Gospels Jesus and His message are both communicated and confirmed!


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