Reflections on the Quest: Care Enough to Contact

After two heavily doctrinal sections (what we have labeled Hebrews, chapter one and two), the author of this great letter became very practical.  Baptist theologian John Gill wrote, The apostle having discoursed, in the preceding chapters, concerning the dignity of Christ’s person, and his wondrous grace in the assumption of human nature, and suffering in the room and stead of his people, exhorts the Hebrews in this to a serious consideration of him, attention to him, and faith in him, and constancy in it;” (John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible citation from e-Sword [Version 7-7-7; Rick Meyers]).  I believe that Dr. Gill is correct in his assessment of this chapter.  The author did indeed desire for his readers to (1) take a serious attention to and consideration of Jesus, (2) believe in Jesus, and (3) continue faithfully in that quest.  Due to the fact that this author also lived the quest, he deeply grasped its’ difficulty.  This explains the inclusion of the thirteenth verse in the context.  We all need encouragement lest we allow ourselves to become hardened by sin.  I need you to repeatedly remind me that Jesus Christ is superior to anyone or anything.  You need me to challenge you to perform regularly scheduled heart surgery.  We need one another.  When is the last time you specifically aimed your efforts at a brother or sister in need of nudge toward Christ.  Does a name come to mind right now?  Send an email.  Toss a text message.  Pick up the cell phone.  Care enough to contact.

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