Reflections on the Quest: My Great High Priest Who Regularly Dispenses Mercy and Grace

Hi.  Thanks for checking out my blog today.  If you know your way around the Bible, the title above might sound familiar.  It is taken from Hebrews 4:14-16.  I taught that passage yesterday in our adult Sunday School class.  I’ve also seen the truth taught therein even this past week.  On a regular basis, I approach the throne of grace with confidence seeking to receive mercy and find grace.  It would be easy for me to share examples from recent days, or from my past, where Jesus did indeed hear and answer my prayers.  He regularly sympathizes with my weaknesses and he regularly dispenses mercy and grace.  I have often been in need, and He has often come to my aid!  For me to choose any other attitude than thankfulness today would be sin.  God has been so very kind to me.  He has not treated me as my sins deserve!  He lavished me with the riches of His grace (Eph. 1:7,8), and He continues to do so!  Yesterday, our pastor preached a sermon that you might find helpful if this particular season of your life might be described with the word desert, rather than oasis.  Check our our church’s website at:

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