Reflections on the Quest: Savoring the Supremacy of Christ

Yesterday concluded our pre-planning sessions at Rhea County Academy. Earlier this summer, I introduced the theme for our 2010-2011 staff:  Savoring the Supremacy of Christ.  On Wednesday, a friend of mine, Dr. Andy Alexson, met with our teachers and encouraged them to (1) worship Christ and (2) work for Christ.  On Thursday, I used several verses from Hebrews to illustrate the supremacy of Jesus Christ.  We ended our morning session with a time of praise and prayer.  It was a beautiful experience–a group of committed teachers praising their Savor and praying for the ministry.  We are excited to begin our eighth year of school at RCA.  Our staff is stronger than it ever has been, and are convinced that the Lord is going to do great things for His glory and in the lives of our students and parents.  If you think of us, pray for just that!  And–savor the supremacy of Christ.  Meditate upon His person and His works.  Then–proclaim His excellences (1 Pet. 2:9,10).  If you are a Christian, God has brought you from darkness into His marvelous light.  Take joy in that; take joy in Jesus!


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