Reflections on the Quest: Going Forward With Christ

There is a debate regarding whether or not the author of the book of Hebrews is speaking to believers or unbelievers in chapter five (5:11-14).  John MacArthur is conviced that this passage is directed specifically at the unbelievers residing within the Christian community.  Other scholars and pastors think that the writer is challenging the “dull of hearing” (5:11) believers to begin going forward with Christ.  I believer Dr. MacArthur is correct in his assessment that non-Christians are the hypothetical individuals who have fallen away (6:6).  This section of chapter five, however, appears to be aimed at believers who failed to make appropriate progress in their spiritual lives.  By the time of the writing of this lengthy epistle, the believers should have grown in their knowledge of Christ that they could teach others about Him.  Sadly, they needed someone again to remind them of the basics of the Christian faith (5:12).  As I was meditating upon this subject, I noticed three signs of spiritual maturity.  First, mature Christians are not dull of hearing.  Second, mature Christians are accustomed to the Word of righteousness.  Third, mature Christians have trained senses which allow them to discern between good and evil.  Think through these three fruits of maturity.  Are you dull of hearing, or do you listen intently to God?  Are you accustomed to the Word of righteousness?  In other words, are you growing in your knowledge of Christ through His Word?  Finally, are you able to discern the good from the evil, and do you choose the good?  I hope that you do!  I hope you are a mature believer.  I hope I am.  No matter where we are today, let’s continue going forward with Christ!  Are you with me?


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