Reflections on the Quest: Beautiful Songs

As I write this entry, Jodi is singing the kids their songs.  Cascade is trying to sing along with her.  The boys are giggling.  Celena is laughing as well.  I am filled with joy knowing my four children can go to bed with the assurance that they are greatly loved.  When I finally muster my strength, I’ll get out of the recliner to pray with them at their beds.  We call it “tying their emotional strings.”  Each night I pray that they might go to sleep knowing that they are safe and loved.  I pray for sweet dreams, and that they will get all the rest they need for tomorrow.  They’re still singing the beautiful songs.  I wish you could hear.  Thanks for taking a peak into our home during “the bedtime routine.”  If the kids are as tired as I am, the house should be quiet soon.  That will be nice.  I hope you had a good day.  I was sleepy through much of it but pushed through and was able to be productive.  Hopefully I glorified God in my actions and reactions, in my words and deeds.  And for those moments when I failed to, I claim the blood of Christ!  I attempted to persevere.  I trust you did as well.  Thanks again for the visit.


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