Reflections on the Quest: “That’s OK.”

“That’s OK” is the mantra of my adorable five-year-old son named Dayton.  Much of the time when things do not go his way, he says with his sheepish grin, “That’s OK.”  He just said it several times when he bowled on the Wii and failed to convert some of his spares.  As his Daddy, I love the attitude!  I absolutely love the untrained understanding that some things do not really matter.  My little guy seems to know pretty frequently what is and is not important.  French writer Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) once wrote, “Man’s sensitivity to trivia and his insensitivity to matters of major importance reveal he has a strange disorder” (Pensees).  That “disorder is all-too-often seen in my life–in my actions and reactions, in my decisions and indecisions.  I think I’ll listen a bit more to my boy.  I think I’ll try to talk like him as well.  Because–you know what–“That’s OK.”


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