Reflections on the Quest: Our Knowable, Yet Unknowable God

If you have the mental energy, consider these words from theologian Charles Hodge:  “While, therefore, it is admitted not only that the infinite God is incomprehensible, and that our knowledge of Him is both partial and imperfect; that there is much in God that we do not know at all, and that what we do know, we know very imperfectly; nevertheless our knowledge, as far as it goes, is true knowledge. God really is what we believe Him to be, so far as our idea of Him is determined by the revelation He has made of Himself in His works, in the constitution of our nature, in His Word, and in the person of His Son (Systemtatic Theology, Vol. I, p.338, bold mine).  I found that in my afternoon reading selection today.  I attempt to read either a sermon or theology on Sunday’s in my quest to know Christ.  And–thankfully–Christ can be known!  According to the Apostle Paul, Jesus can be known and experienced in this life (Phil. 3)!  I fully agree with Hodge.  We will never fully understand God.  But I rejoice that God has indeed chosen to reveal Himself.  I am especially grateful that He has done so in His Word and in the person of His Son!  Our knowable, yet unknowable God has spoken.  By His grace, I have heard, and continue to do so.  I very much hope that you have heard, and continue to hear as well.  Thanks for reading.  Have a great Labor Day!


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