Sights from the Sidelines: A Pretender, a Preacher & a Protagonist

A Pretender.  Like most college football fans, I am tired of the BCS and their year-after-year conclusion that Boise State is not “the real deal.”  Last night they proved conclusively that the deserve their top five ranking.  If they run the table (win every game), they should finally get their shot at the national championship.  Go, Boise, go!  A Preacher.  The old man was there again today–on the road, facing the grocery store, Bible waving, yelling “Repent and Believe” (at least I think that is what he was doing.  At forty-five, I’m not hearing as much as I used to.  I’m not complaining).  I felt pity for him.  Although I appreciate his passion, I am not sure he is accomplishing very much by his yelling.  A Protagonist.  I asked Jodi for the definition so as to confirm my thoughts–yep–it means the main character in a story.  I just saw on the wire (Associated Press) that there is a pastor in Florida who is planning to burn copies of the Quran (Koran) on September 11th as a form of remembrance for the infamous attacks.  Instead of focusing on the victims, he is choosing to focus on the terrorists.  In doing so, he has become the protagonist.  I question the motives.  I don’t question the motives of the preacher.  He means well, and probably believes God is calling him to that “ministry.”  As a result, he is being faithful; and faithfulness is a good thing in a Christian.  It’s also a good thing to see the underdog win.  Join me in cheering Boise State on to victory this year!  Well, those are my thoughts at the end of a Tuesday.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you had a great day!


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