Reflections on the Quest: Hoping for More Hope

I learned this morning that the motto for the state of Rhode Island is the word “hope.”  I’ve been thinking quite a bit about this concept lately.  The theme has appeared in the Gospel of Mark (my devotional reading) and in Hebrews (my Sunday School preparation).  Christians are to hope in God.  Yesterday, one of my teachers called God “the Giver of life and breath and hope and all things.”  Do you ever find yourself in my situation–a bit discouraged, hoping for more hope?  Remember the exclamation of the disciple:  “I do believe; help my unbelief” (Mk. 9:24)?!  I do maintain hope.  Without it, I would be doomed.  I hope God will honor our obedience to His leading.  I hope God will bless us for keeping Jodi home while the children are so young.  I hope that God will come through for us during this lean season.  I hope God will transform our children from lovers of self to lovers of Christ.  I hope.  I am hoping for more hope.  I want to exalt God as I wait upon God, and I take comfort in knowing that I shall again soar with renewed strength (Isa. 40:31).  I hope you don’t mind such a vulnerable entry today.  We are in a place of need, and we are clinging to God.  Are you clinging to Him as well?  Let’s do so today and always!  Have a great weekend!


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