Reflections on the Quest: The Church Sign

I get a kick out of a lot of messages that appear on church signs.  Consider the one I found yesterday at a small church between Birchwood and Cleveland (TN):  THIS SUNDAY:  IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS.  I think I laughed out loud when I saw it.  Shouldn’t every Sunday be “all about Jesus”?!  I trust they would agree.  The pastor probably found the message in a book and did not think about how it could possibly be interpreted by a geek such as myself!  The reason the church sign stood out to me so much yesterday afternoon is the fact that I was headed to begin another Jesus and the Gospels course for the college.  I taught last night from 6-9PM.  After a time of getting to know one another and a discussion of the syllabus, we studied the Gospels (who wrote, when, why, etc.), I talked about the baptism and temptation of Christ.  It was a lot of fun!  I love talking about Jesus because I love Jesus!  I hope the same is true of you.  I think if we–me, you, everyone–truly grasped even a little of the awesomeness of Jesus Christ, we would strive to make every day “all about” HIM!  I am grateful for the church sign that made me chuckle, and for how God used it to remind me that Jesus should be my foremost passion.


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  1. Thanks for reading, Terry!

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