Reflections on the Quest: The Boy Knows Me Well

TJ (seven-years-old) and I were talking this morning at breakfast.  The conversation led me to ask him:  “What do you think are the most important events in my life–the most important things that have happened to me?”  His answer proved that the boy knows me well.  He prioritized the list thus:  (1) Being saved from my sins by Jesus, (2) Marrying an awesome wife, (3) the birth of my first child, (4) the birth of my first son, (5) the birth of my first blonde son (his words) and (6) the birth of my beautiful baby girl (again, his words).  Indeed!  God first.  Wife second.  Kids third.  We couldn’t exactly figure out what landed at seventh.  Probably (although this spans years) the many great friends I have met.  It is good to be reminded–especially for a melancholic such as myself–that I have been very blessed by God.  Today I choose to focus on the positive–the blessings rather than the challenges.  That’s a good word for all of us this day, isn’t it?  Time to mow the yard (a blessing and a challenge all wrapped up into one)!  Have a great day.


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