In Giants’ Footsteps: Jean Belz

In the September 25th issue of World Magazine, Joel Belz wrote a wonderful editorial about his mother, Jean Belz.  It is almost fatiguing to read about her.  Without a doubt, she was someone who very much tried to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.  Joel described his mom as a “renaissance mother.”  That’s an accurate description.  From what Belz shared, I would also observe that Jean was a woman who truly made a difference.  She blessed her family, her church and countless others.  I also appreciated this admission:  “‘I worked hard to keep a clean record,’ she said of her early adult life, ‘but I failed. I lost my temper, was late for appointments, tangled with friends, and was impatient with my husband and children. But my pride was unreasonable. I only tried harder and refused to admit my faults. I needed help, a way out,’ she continued. ‘The Lord did not let me rest until I confessed my need of Him, and laid my sins on Jesus. After that day, my life was new–the grass was greener, the sky was bluer, my husband and children were dearer. I walked into the garden or drove down the road and knew that all the colors, shapes, and textures before me were made by the hand of the living God'” (“One Naive Fellow: And the truth about his renaissance mother”, World Magazine, September 25, 2010, Volume 25, Number 19, p.6, Joel Belz [I hope this is the appropriate way to cite a published work on a website.  If not, please teach me.]).  Allow me to explain.  There is no time.  Let me sum up:  Jesus changed Jean’s life and–as a result–Jean saw things more clearly and, consequently, blessed others more effectively.  She made a difference.  I want to make a difference.  Do you?  Jean passed away this summer.  We lost a giant.  Let’s follow in her footsteps and become giants ourselves!


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