Reflections on the Quest: Various shades of brown

That phrase came to my mind the other day as I looked at all of my loose brown socks.  It also made me think of Tennessee in November.  It sure doesn’t describe what I witnessed today on the Cumberland Plateau (about 1/2 hour west of Knoxville).  God’s Tennessee tapestry was spread before my eyes!  Green.  Brown.  Yellow.  Red.  And every combination of each!  It was earth-art which led me to praise Jesus–the Creator and Sustainer!  Several years ago, I wrote the following line in a poem:  “God is the unparalleled art of glory.”  Indeed!  He is more beautiful than His creation.  However, today finds me thankful for what He has made.  He made this earth for His glory.  He made this earth for my enjoyment.  Both happened.


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