Reflections on the Quest: A Faithful Man

This afternoon finds me thankful for my pastor, Wayne Layton.  He is a faithful man.  Our church is small.  This morning we had less than thirty people again.  Wayne preached as if three hundred were in attendance.  He studied hard, and he preached to the best of his ability.  This morning he challenged us to trust God in times of famine (Gen. 12:10-20).  I appreciate his steadfastness and his desire to see his sheep, his friends grow in their faith.  As I reflect upon my experiences in churches since becoming a Christian, I praise God for the number of faithful men who have served as my pastors.  I have been greatly blessed!  What about your experience?  Would you describe your pastor as “faithful”?  If so, have you thanked him lately?  I trust you pray for him often.  A faithful pastor is a gift from God.  A praying congregation is a gift to a pastor.  If God has blessed you, be sure to bless the elders over you, thus making their service to be a joy (Heb. 13:17).


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