Confessions and Denials: Questions from my kids

Just before bedtime, Dayton (five-year-old) asked me what my “favorite thing” was.  I said, “God.”  The conversation continued.  Dayton:  “Then what?”  Daddy:  “The Bible.”  Dayton:  “Then what?”  Daddy:  “Mommy.”  Dayton:  “Then what?”  Daddy:  “My kids.”  Dayton:  “Then, my hair, right?”  Yep–that is exactly what he asked!  If you haven’t seen a photo of him, you need to know that he has a beautiful head of blonde hair!  I guess he’s proud of it!  Honestly, I really do like it!  I also like the question my two-year-old asks me pretty regularly now:  “Daddy, coffee shop now, please?”  We spend time together on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Today we went to the coffee shop and then to the park.  It was a lot of fun.  I am thankful tonight that my son hugs and kisses me and asks me questions, and I am thankful that my baby girl likes to hang out with her almost middle-aged Dad.  “Children are a blessing from the Lord” (Ps. 127:3).  Thanks for peeking into my life today to hear my confession:  I love my kids.

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