Aiming the Arrows: The Eleventh Birthday

Celena turns eleven years old today.  I’ve never had an eleven-year-old before.  Any advice?  I know what she likes.  I also know what I want her to like.  Furthermore, I know what I want her to be like.  Every parent has hopes and dreams regarding their children.  First and foremost, I deeply desire for my daughter to know and love Jesus Christ.  As I prepare her for her flight as an adult, I must remain steadfast in my prayer for her and in my training of her.  Only God can transform her.  But God often chooses to use–chooses to profoundly use–parents in the lives of their children.  Without a doubt, I want to be used of God to help Celena know God objectively and subjectively.  I also want her to become all that God wants her to be.  As we enter another year together, we plan to continue to challenge her to do her best at what she is called to do as well as to be on a mission to bless others.  Would you be so kind as to pray for us today?  On her birthday, would you offer a prayer for Celena?  Thanks!

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