Reflections on the Quest: Tired and Thankful

A long Lord’s Day has come to an end (Sunday School–Church [with Children’s Church]–Lunch out as a family–Movie [we enjoyed Disney’s Tangled]–Supper [at home]–An episode of the original Flipper [Remember that great TV series?]–Family devotions).  That devotional time included adding our last leaves to this year’s “Thanksgiving Tree.” Each year we put up some sort of tree and–ideally–we gather as a family each night during Thanksgiving week and share something for which we are thankful, write it on a leaf made of construction paper and pray, thanking God specifically for those blessings.  Tonight I asked Cascade (2) what she was thankful for.  First she said, “God and Jesus”  (she kisses up to her parents).  Next she said, “People” (she only knows a few), followed by “Yours boat” (your guess is as good as mine) and “Rock” (she was holding one in her hand)!  I can tell you one of God’s blessings for which I am thankful–Cascade!  She is cuter than Rapunzel!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  Mine was fine; somewhat productive and somewhat restful.  A busy few weeks lie ahead with activities related to the family, the school and the college.  At the conclusion of those, we will once again celebrate the glorious incarnation of God–Christmas.  We look forward to that very much.  Have a great month of December!  Thanks for pausing long enough to read this blog entry!  If you were hoping for some genuine spiritual encouragement today, jump over to the “Video Links” (see above).  Blessings on ya, Tim


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