Reflections on the Quest: My Greatest Joy

I am watching a movie entitled “The Christmas Shoes.”  Rob Lowe, aka Sam from West Wing, is one of the main characters.  Another is Kimberly Williams who gained recognition by playing Steve Martin’s daughter in the Father of the Bride movies (Annie).  In this particular movie, she is playing a woman who is dying.  In one scene, her character is saying her final good-bye to her young son and–in doing so–states,  “Don’t ever forget that you are my greatest joy.”  It’s amazing what happens to me when I hear statements like that.  Several thoughts flood to the forefront of my mind.  Today, I immediately thought: “Well-meant; wrong priority.”  I thought of the intensely biblical perspective I’ve read in the corpus (body of work) of Jonathan Edwards and John Piper.  I thought of the confession of the author of Psalm 73.  I thought of Jesus’ words where He proclaimed that genuine disciples love Him more than the dearest of family members (Lk. 14:26).  Before I continue to point my finger at the author of the screenplay, I need to do a little self-examination.  I need to ask myself:  Is Jesus my greatest joy?  Or does Jodi occupy that position?  What about you?  Do you cherish Jesus more than all others?  I think if we truly understood how amazing He is, we would value Him more.  He would cease to be one of the competing joys in our lives and would assume the position of our greatest joy.  In a sermon entitled “God the Best Portion of the Chrisitian,” Jonathan Edwards writes, “It is the temper of a godly man to prefer God to all other things on the earth. The saint prefers that enjoyment of God, for which he hopes hereafter, to anything in this world” (Altogether Lovely, Soli Deo Gloria, 1997, p.4).  God is indeed the best portion of the Christian!  Let’s live like it!  May these words be our heart-felt affirmation:  “there is nothing on earth that I desire besides You” (Ps. 73:25).


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