The Year in Review: Jonathan Edwards’ Resolution #7

By nature, I am reflective.  Although I do not necessarily “contemplate my navel,” I am prone to pause long enough to think about what has transpired in my life.  I’ll ask the metaphysical questions such as Why am I here?  as well as the nitty gritty ones like What did I do in 2010 that I should strive to do again in 2011?  I find it helpful to do a little self-examination as another year comes to its conclusion.  As a result, I appreciate Jonathan Edwards’ famous resolutions.  They serve as a guide to help me make any necessary adjustments in order to see my life become more aligned with the Word of God.  This brings me to Resolution #7.  Edwards wrote,  “Resolved, never to do anything, which I should be afraid to do, if it were the last hour of my life.” Edwards was not unaccustomed to contemplating his own death and using those thoughts to challenge himself to holy living (see Resolutions #9, #17, #19, #50).  That’s not a bad practice.  This past February I came face to face with my own mortality.  I had a T.I.A. (mini-stroke).  Thankfully, I bounced back almost immediately.  However, the experience was another reminder that tomorrow is not promised.  This could be my last day.  This could be my last hour.  This could be my last minute.  It could be yours as well.  How are we living it?  The first and foremost passion of Jonathan Edwards was the glory of God.  He mentions it first in his list of seventy resolutions.  As 2010 ends, it is my intense hope that much of what I did, said, thought, etc. was glorifying to God.  That, too, is my first and foremost passion.  But I am well aware of the presence of my flesh.  I remain in a “body of death” (Rom. 7:24).  Thus, I rejoice with the Apostle Paul that “there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 8:1)!  I am grateful that the blood of Jesus is sufficient for the sins I committed in 2010, and I am motivated to live more to His glory in 2011.  I hope the same can by said of you.


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