Sights from the Sidelines: Family Games, Football Teams & Four-Day Weeks

Family Games

Our Christmas break officially ended tonight with the conclusion of our family games tournament.  Here are the results:

1.  Mommy (16 victories [Thanks to her Jenga skills, especially])   2.  Celena, TJ & Daddy (14 victories [Right down to the end!])       3.  Dayton (7 victories [He so didn’t care if he won or lost!])             4.  Cascade (3 victories [We were generous!])

Football Teams

My Wisconsin  Badgers played a very good game against an awesome TCU team on New Year’s Day.  Good job, guys! An undefeated 2011 lies ahead (Why not dream big?)!

My Green Bay Packers made the play-offs Sunday afternoon with a great defensive performance against Da Bears!  Go, Pack, Go!  Beat those evil Eagles!

Four-Day Weeks

2nd Semester at the Academy begins in the morning.  Due to God’s providence, I am as ready as I can be for another January as principal and teacher.  I have much to do this week, and we are excited about the first-ever Rhea County Academy middle school basketball team.  Go, Warriors!  I also teach Wednesday night for Bryan (Introduction to the Bible IV).  It’s going to be a busy week which will find me playing the “game” rather than watching from the sidelines.  I’ll be attempting to rely upon God’s strength even as I thank Him for amoxicillin already working in my system.  Thanks for swinging by the blog amidst all of your internet choices.  I hope that our “Meditations on the Incarnation” and “The Year in Review” blog entries proved encouraging to you.  I plan to continue adding to Striving For Reality on a very regular, if not daily, basis.  And–having said that–I shall close.


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