Confessions and Denials: Me and Goethe’s Devil

Cascade brought me a book from our library today and said, “This looks like you, Daddy.”  Sadly, she was pointing to the cover of Faust by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.  It contains an orange-headed devil with white horns.  The facial hair on the demon reminded my two-year-old of me, but she was more correct than she realized!  Believe me when I say that there are times that I more resemble a demon than an angel!  Thankfully, however, I know the truth.  My theology, based upon the Word of God, teaches me that my identity in Christ is glorious!  Goethe began his tragedy with these words:

I’ve studied now philosophy

  And jurisprudence, medicine,

And even, alas theology—

From end to end, with labor keen;

And here, poor fool! With all my lore

I stand, no wiser than before:
Friends, I cannot express my gratitude to God for the gift of the Bible, and what I learn through it about myself (my sinful condition) and Christ (God’s provision for my sin “problem” [that’s a gross understatement]).  The other day, Dayton (five-years-old), informed me that people with a lot of sin go to hell.  I corrected him, telling him that people with one sin deserve hell.  The news floored him because he is smart enough to know that we all sin (that truth is innate).  It’s a bit humorous that my young son was seeking to justify himself (“I’m not so bad”).  After humbling him, I exalted Christ.  I shared with him that we are great sinners, but Christ is a great Savior!  Rather than being lore, theology based on the Bible makes me “wiser” than before! 

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