Sights from the Sidelines: One Happy Cheesehead

You had to know that I’d mention it.  My Green Bay Packers are headed to the Super Bowl!  We haven’t been to the “big game” since 1998 (we lost to John Elway and the Broncos that year).  Sunday’s victory over the Bears wasn’t pretty, but any type of win in the conference championship is a good one!  One of the images which stands out in my memory is the interception by three- hundred-pound B.J. Raji.  It was gridiron ballet as Raji lumbered into the endzone!  And–as the final score would indicate–those points were the points we needed to advance to the Super Bowl.  Think on that.  We did not win on another perfect pass by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, nor did one of our awesome receivers make a fingertip catch in the corner of the endzone.  Nope.  When our offense simply could not conquer the tenacious Chicago defense, Raji intercepted the ball and, seconds later, put six more points on the scoreboard.  I’m encouraged.  I’m not a great athlete.  I’m not going to change the world or make the front cover of Time.  I’m far more likely to become infamous rather than famous.  But I can do what I am supposed to do.  I can be faithful.  And–who knows–maybe a third-string quarterback will toss the ball in my direction and I’ll have soft hands and quick feet!  Mind if I say it:  Go, Packers!  Beat the Steelers!


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