2-Cents–My thoughts on current events: Unrest in the Middle East

One of my special friends is now in glory.  Doug served in the Army in the ’50’s.  In his sixties, Doug had been around the block.  He was tired, worn out.  However, he never lost his love for our country.  He was proud to be an Amercian and thankful to God for the freedoms we experience each and every day.  I believe the same can be said of me and many of my friends.  We know that the United States isn’t perfect.  Our citizens are not perfect.  Our politicians are not perfect.  Without a doubt, we need another “great awakening.”  But I praise God for the freedoms I have this very day.  Almost without limitation, I can do anything I want today and tomorrow and the day after that.  The citizens in some of the countries in the Middle East cannot say the same.  The stories and pictures coming out of Egypt last week clearly illustrate that. 

Grandfathers and Fathers–Check out some helpful information on the Quick Takes page to help you instill patriotism in your children.


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