Sights from the Sidelines: Four Hours ‘Til Kick-Off

Super Bowl Sunday has arrived!  Needless to say, our family is excited to see our Packers play the Steelers tonight.  We haven’t been able to cheer for our team in the big game for almost fifteen years.  Honestly, I think the kids are more enthusiastic about all the snacks we bought.  Either way, I am looking forward to the event, and I am thankful for the gifts God gives to us.  This morning, I very much enjoyed teaching about abiding in the Vine from John 15.  Our pastor was sick, so one of our elders–Andy–preached.  He challenged us to live out our sainthood, to follow God with all of our hearts.  It was a good morning.  Now I am hoping for a good night and a victory by Green Bay!  I grew up about 90 minutes from Lambeau Field.  I literally did not know of an individual who rooted for an NFL team other than the Packers.  Green and yellow hats and shirts were everywhere, and EVERYONE hated the Vikings.  Not much has changed since the ’70’s and ’80’s (which explains why none of us is particularly interested today in talking about Brett Favre [even though we have fond memories of his time with the Pack and the Super Bowl victory over New England]).  I was born a Packers fan and I’ll die a Packers fan.  It’s in my blood.  I also believe that my kids are following in the footsteps of the father and grandfather (sure wish Dad were still with us today).  Well, it’s four hours ’til kick-off.  We’re just about ready to pack up all the food and head to the in-laws to watch the pre-game show.  If you’re not a Pittsburgh fan, we’d love for ya to join us!  Thanks for stopping by!  Go, Pack, go!


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