Reflections on the Quest: God IS in the cave

I like thought-provoking movies.  If anything, Sanctum was thought-provoking.  It was also eye-opening.  It is a movie in which the characters face a barrage of ethical dilemmas.  We went to see it yesterday as part of Jodi’s birthday celebration.  Unfortunately, we left the theater saddened rather than satisfied.  As we discussed the story, I slowly began to realize why my spirit was so heavy.  I was profoundly discouraged by the atheistic worldview behind the story.  God was not ignored in this movie, He was opposed.  At a particular point in the film, there is a tense moment when the three surviving members of the tragedy (they’re trapped in a cave with limited resources) lose it.  When one character accuses the leader of “playing God,” the telling response is, “God’s not here.”  The statement did not bother me terribly at the time because I expect no less from a James Cameron production (he was the mastermind behind the epics Titanic and Avatar).  It is a rare occasion when Hollywood produces anything which even hints at the existence of God.  And that is what bothered me so much–the absence of God.  Friends, God IS in the cave.  God IS on the mountain.  God IS in tragedy.  God IS in victory.  GOD IS.  And the more I grow in my love for God and my knowledge of God, the more I disdain the opposition of God.  In my Sunday School class this coming Lord’s Day we will be studying John 15:18-16:4.  In that passage of Scripture, Jesus is preparing His disciples for the opposition they would surely face.  He said, “The world hates Me and the world will hate you” (15:18).  Isn’t that reason enough for His disciples to hate the world in return?  Why would we love that which hates our Lord and Savior? The Apostle John commanded his readers, “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him” (1 John 2:15).  I pity individuals who leave the theater after watching Sanctum and do not contemplate the serious message being communicated by producers, directors and actors.  God IS everywhere, and His existence makes a difference–a tremendous difference–in our lives, in our deaths, in our actions, and in our reactions.  I am no longer discouraged.  In His grace, God has opened my eyes to truth.  I rejoice that God “rewards those who earnestly seek Him” (Heb. 11:6).  That’s my plan today–to seek God with passion rather than to seek the passing pleasures offered by this God-opposing world!  Who’s with me?


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