Timeless Truths: Sovereign Goodness

Perhaps nothing gives me more comfort than to remember the sovereign goodness of God.  He is in complete control of His creation and He controls that creation with absolute goodness.  During the dark storms of my life, these truths have served as a trustworthy anchor.  Many times I have quoted Psalm 119:68.  Here’s the NIV rendering:

“You are good, and what You do is good.”

My guess is that Christians from all denominations believe and cherish both of those points–that God is good and that God does good.  The majority of Christians also believe–to some extent–the doctrine of the sovereignty of God.  I say “to some extent” because I’ve met several genuine believers in Christ who adhere to an understanding that God is sovereign in all areas but salvation.  Jonathan Edwards initially struggled with these issues.  After finally submitting to the overwhelming clear argument of Scripture in support of the complete or full kingship of Christ, Edwards wrote, “Absolute sovereignty is what I love to ascribe to God.”  In other words, after coming to the conclusion that God was truly in charge, Edwards began a mission to proclaim His excellencies (1 Pet. 2:9).  I’m on that mission as well!  I love to speak of God and His wonders.  And–I need to do that first and foremost to myself.  Life is difficult.  Let’s be honest–it can be downright disappointing.  That’s why I preach to myself.  That’s why you need to do the same.  It is essential that we believe the truth about God and daily remind ourselves of it!  Some days I simply cannot move forward without clinging to sovereign goodness!

If you have a moment, ck out this blog entry I found online:



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