Sayings from a Sage: “Enjoy the small stuff”

Repeated kisses on the leg from a five-year-old.

A conversation consisting of more “meows” than words (for some reason Cascade thinks she’s 1/2 kitty cat).

Monster Trucks at the MacKenzie Arena last night with the boys and Uncle Paul.

A good documentary on the U.S. Marines.

Earlier this week, my mother told me to “enjoy the small stuff.”  Wise words.  If you are like me, you tend to put much hope in the big things–the large events of life that we are looking forward to so much that we fail to enjoy the “regular blessings” from the Lord.  Many years ago I was profoundly impacted by the movie The Color Purple.  In one particular scene, two of the main characters are walking through a beautiful patch of flowers when the sage of the two stated, “I think it really ticks” (she used a different word which I changed so as not to offend)…“I think it really ticks God off to walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it.”  Let me ask you:  Are you noticing the color purple?  We were meditating upon Psalm 18 this past week.  The verse reads, “He (God) brought me forth also into a broad place” (NASB).  That’s where I find myself this day–in a broad place.  I’ve been very blessed.  All I need to do is take stock.  The blessings far outweigh the curses (difficulties).  Most of you have to admit the same.  Let’s not stop hoping and praying, but let’s also follow the advice of my mom.  Enjoy the small stuff!


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