Behind the Dugout: Singing from the heart

What are you singing about today?

What makes you glad enough to get you singing?

Allow me to draw to your attention the bookends of Psalm 21.

“O Lord, in Your strength the king will be glad” (21:1)

“Be exalted, O Lord, in Your strength; We will sing and praise Your power” (21:13).

According to David, the author of this particular Psalm, God is omnipotent (possessing unlimited power).  That is also the repeated testimony of all the human writers of the Scripture.  If there is a God (I am not doubting), then He is all-powerful.  David is glad in and sings of God’s strength as he meditates upon “the blessings of good things” (21:3).  In his mind, there was a list of all God had done for him.  I, too, have a list.  There are reasons for which I ought to be glad in God!  I have ample justification to sing and praise God’s power! First would be my salvation (though probably used in a different sense [physical rather than spiritual], David used the word salvation twice in this psalm [v.1, 5]). God plucked me out of the cesspool of sin in 1984, radically changing my life, my likes, my loves.  The transformation which continues to this very day (salvation being worked out in sanctification) is an amazing grace work of God!  If I would continue with my list today, my wife and children would have to be mentioned.  Those five special people are undoubtedly “good things”!  I relished in the blessing of family last night.  TJ had his tryout for baseball.  The entire family was present, pulling for TJ to do his best.  At one point, I noticed his younger brother, standing at the fence, with a huge smile on his face.  He was proud!  TJ did great, by the way.  No, he’s not very good yet at baseball, but his attitude was awesome.  After the tryout, we all went out for supper.  The attitudes all around the table were positive, and my big girl (2 1/2) simply could not stop hugging me.  All concrete examples of the power of God!  Today should find me singing from the heart.  My guess is that you ought to be doing the very same!  How has God blessed you today?  Come up with a list.  Sing and praise His power (21:13)!


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