2-Cents–My Thoughts on Current Events: Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami

The news of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami saddens me today.  This is partly due to the fact that I lived in northeast Japan from 1985-1987.  If the information is correct, the epicenter of the quake which caused the tsunami was in the Pacfic Ocean, east of Sendai.  I remember Sendai.  From where I lived in Misawa, Sendai was the home of the closest McDonalds.  Today, much of Sendai is under water.  One of the news agencies reported that hundreds of bodies of regular Japanese civilians were washed ashore on the beaches.  Another city hit by the devasting waves was Hachinohe.  I visited that location several times to eat at the Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Ships are upside down tonight in the Hachinohe harbor.  I am quite curious to know if Misawa experienced any damage.  What a sad day for such a great nation!  Join me in praying for the survivors.  Pray for the pastors to have an effective ministry of comfort to the thousands whose hearts are filled with pain.

Note:  A day after I wrote the above, I found the following on the Desiring God website:  http://www.desiringgod.org/blog/posts/a-prayer-for-japan


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