Reflections on the Quest: How to deal with the unexpected and unplanned

David did not have a perfect life.  Psalm 27 makes that clear.  In verse two, he stated that evil men were against him.  He mentioned war in verse three and enemies in verse six.  Life was not going as he had hoped. 

Can you relate?

Life is difficult.  It is filled with the unexpected and unplanned.  What are we to do?  David’s example is very instructive.  What was he doing during this particular season of his life? Seeking God (27:8).  He chose to both worship (27:4) and pray (27:7).  Great decisions, eh?!  I love how He concludes his psalm.  He transitions from prayer (27:12) to confession (27:13) to exhortation (27:14).  In other words, as he finishes this very personal writing he encourages all of us who can–in any way–relate to his circumstances.  And–since we can all relate–his final words are needed!  They read,

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord” (27:14)

Things are not going as we had hoped.  Wait for the Lord.  We would not have planned it this way.  Be strong and take heart.  The unexpected has happened.  Wait for the Lord. 

David’s heart told him to seek God’s face (27:8).  If we are believers, our heart will proclaim that same message.  Let’s do so–today!  And, I think that if we will truly seek God’s face the small stuff of life that we are so tempted to make into the big stuff of life will be kept in perspective.  The end result will be joy instead of discouragement, trust rather than doubt.  Those are two characteristics I’d like more of in my life.  What about you?


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