Eager for Easter: John 2

Changing water to wine.  The first miracle recorded in the life of “the Word became Flesh” (1:14).

Why did Jesus do it?  I find no less than three reasons.  In order of the text:  (1) Jesus changed the water into wine to honor His mother, (2) Jesus changed the water into wine so that the couple getting married would not be embarrassed (inferred), and (3) Jesus changed the water into wine to elicit faith in His new disciples.

“This, the first of His miraculous signs, Jesus performed at Cana in Galilee. He thus revealed His glory, and His disciples put their faith in Him” (2:11; NIV).

A seemingly insignificant event had tremendous consequences.  Jesus proved His identity (“revealed His glory”) and remained the perfect Lamb of God (1:29 [He honored His mom]).

The second chapter of John continues with another very interesting account.  Jesus initiated conflict with the religious leaders of His day by throwing the ATM and petting zoo out of the temple (2:15).  In doing so, He fulfilled Ps. 69:9 (“Zeal for your house will consume me”).  He also prophesied His own death and resurrection (2:19).  During the Passover feast, many  believed in His name (2:23 [Remember John’s purpose for writing that he admits in 2o:31]).

Jesus struck the first blow in the three-year battle which would ensue.  He would ultimately defeat all His foes by walking out of His tomb!  That’s the beautiful and factual story of Easter.  Although I look forward to celebrating in a few weeks, I sure am enjoying my study of John’s gospel!

I hope you are, too!  My faith is being strengthened.  I hope yours is, too!


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