Pleasant Places: McDonald’s Miracles

OK–maybe it wasn’t miraculous.  But it was pretty special.

I took Dayton and Cascade to McD’s yesterday.  They wanted to go for three reasons:  (1) To watch the Disney movie which runs continuously, (2) To play in the indoor play area and (3) To have a mid-morning snack.  When we arrived at McD’s, however, the plans changed.  The place was crawling with managers and assistant managers from throughout Southeast Tennessee.  To make matters worse, they were using the play room–where both the TV and the playground are located–for their training.  That’s when I was first shocked.  My youngest children “went with the flow.”  They didn’t fuss.  They didn’t “make a mountain out of a mole hill.”  I was thankful.  But…wait…there’s more!

As she was eating, Cascade grabbed the bottom of her dirty shoe.  I immediately told her not to touch it while she was eating and her response was, “Yes, sir.”  WOW!  Respect followed by obedience!  Amazing!  There is hope!  PERHAPS–I am not completely messing up in my parenting!  After commending her, I pointed  at my son and said, “That’s because of you!”  He looked confused.  I explained to him that he had been setting a good example for his little sister and that I very much appreciated it! 

Two genuine reasons to bow my head and thank my Father.

Later, I found a third reason.  As we were all sitting at Burger King in Soddy, Cascade looked at me, smiled, threw herself at me and began singing the theme song from Barney (“I love  you.  You love me.  We’re a happy family.  With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,  won’t you say you love me, too?”)! 

Not a bad day, eh?!

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