Eager for Easter: John 5

If you have been reading these posts in order of their publication, you have clearly seen the Apostle John proving the deity of Jesus in the first four chapters.  This chapter is no different!  It begins with the miraculous healing of a man who had been sick for almost forty years (5:5).  With a simple sentence, Jesus radically changed the man’s life!  He also continued to consciously irk the religious leaders of Israel.  Earlier, Jesus brought the fight to them by throwing the ATM out of the temple (2:13-19).  Now He is choosing to heal a man on the Sabbath (5:9).  To make matters worse (or to irk them even further), Jesus states His firm belief that He was indeed the Heavenly Son of the Heavenly Father (5:19ff.). 

They were not impressed.

Unbelievers always have a different response from believers to the truth claims of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus was a great teacher.  Jesus was a great role model.  But Jesus was much, much more!  He was–and is–the Son of God (the title appears repeatedly in this passage)!

Doesn’t that make Easter such an amazing event to celebrate each year?! 

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