Eager for Easter: John 8

Marvelous metaphors!

Word (1:1).  Lamb (2:29).  Bread (6:35).  Fountain (7:37).  Light (8:12).

What exactly does mankind need?

We need a true Word in our relativistic world!  Jesus is the Word of God who gives grace and truth (1:17).  We need a Savior who can take away our sins.  John the Baptist pointed to the Lamb of God (2:29).  We need abundant life-nourishing, eternal life-sustaining spiritual food and drink.  Jesus told us to eat His body and drink His blood (6:35, 7:37 [In 6:54, Jesus is referring to consuming Him as in living by fully-engaged faith in Him, not “the mass” as some religions may teach]).  We also need a lamp for our feet (Ps. 119:105).  Jesus is the true light that illumines our path (1:9, 8:12).

What exactly does mankind need?

Mankind needs God to come and do what man could not, nor would not, do for himself.  John delights to tell us that that is indeed what transpired in both time and space.  The “I AM” (8:58) came!  The Word became flesh (1:14)!  I am “eager for Easter” because of the identity and successful work of Jesus Christ!


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