Passion Perspectives–Friday Afternoon

Quotes from John Murray’s classic doctrinal text Redemption Accomplished and Applied (Eerdmans, 1955):

“If we keep in view the gravity of sin and the exigencies arising from the holiness of God which must be met in salvation from it, then the doctrine of indispensable necessity makes Calvary intelligible to us and enhances the incomprehensible marvel of both Calvary itself and the sovereign purpose of love which Calvary fulfilled. The more we emphasize the inflexible demands of justice and holiness the more marvelllous become the love of God and its provisions” (p.18).

“The atonement is a completed work, never repeated and unrepeatable” (p.53).

“It is because Christ procured and secured redemption that He is an all-sufficient and suitable Saviour” (p.65). 

As I sit here at my desk (trying to think deeply as I listen to Mario Kart being played on the Wii), I am still wearing my pj’s.  One of the cartoon images on my tee shirt is of a runner–arms raised–crossing a “Finish” line.  When Dayton drew my attention to it this morning, I took the opportunity of explaining that that is exactly how I think of Jesus on Good Friday.  His arms were similarly stretched out on a Roman cross.  But what looked like a serious defeat to His enemies (physical and spiritual), Jesus was–instead–successfully accomplishing His mission!  When He had done so, He victoriously stated, “It is finished” (Jn. 19:30). 

Today–I am celebrating His victory.  Join me!

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