Reasonable Requests: Please…don’t txt me, TEXT me

I do not like texting, though I see its usefulness like, for example, schools contacting parents regarding the need to call a snow day.  However, I’ve seen too many abuses of the new technology to become convinced that it is more of a curse than a blessing to the human race.  I’ve seen idiots driving while texting (boy–should that be a HUGE fine).  I’ve seen employees texting when they should be working.  I’ve heard students discussing texts which contained either gossip or slander.  I’ve watched a friend laugh at a text and then return a text while we were having lunch together (so much for having someone’s undivided attention).  I’ve observed couples texting others at dinner rather than engaging in meaningful conversation.  My friends, this should not be.  If we can text to the glory of God, great.  However, if this new and rapid means of communication causes us to sin further (“When words are many, sin is not absent” [Prov. 10:19]), let’s say, “No thanks!” 

So–rather than txt me, TEXT me.  Instead of sending me abbreviated words and incomplete thoughts, toss me the Bible.  Edify me.  We all know I need constant encouragement lest I become discouraged by sin–my own sin as well as the sins of others (Heb. 3:13).  I think the world would be a better place if we all did a little bit more TEXTing and a lot less txting.


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