Musing in the Morning: Imaging God

Friday was a busy day for the Wehse family.  Dayton’s annual Strawberry Festival is this weekend.  It’s as if NASCAR has come to down.  People and vendors have taken over downtown Dayton.  RCA even has a booth on the courthouse lawn.  As we strolled through the festival, we stopped at Art Crafters to view some of our students’ masterpieces.  Earlier, the 5th-9th graders hosted a “classy” art show at our future property.  We saw some very creative works using various methods of expression.  I particularly enjoyed seeing my daughter’s original creations.  Human efforts in the arts mirror the creativity of  the Creator.  If God is anything, He is creative.  Consider this world, the continents and the critters.  Both show the handiwork of Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity who spoke this big, ole’ world into existence by the power of His word (Col. 1:16).  So, when I gaze upon the productions of my eleven-year-old, I faintly see the image of Jesus.  When I meditate upon some of the beautiful places on earth I have visited–Grand Canyon, Mt. Whitney, the Rocky Mountains, the northern coast of Japan–I celebrate my amazing God, the Perfect Artist.

Have you seen the movie The Color Purple?  For several reasons, that particular movie had a profound impact upon me.  At one point in the movie, two of the characters are walking through a beautiful field of purple flowers when one asks the other the following rhetorical question:

“Don’t you think it really ticks God off when you walk by the color purple and never even notice?”

Allow me to ask you–Are you noticing the color purple?  Are you looking for the evidences of the Perfect Artist on this expansive canvas entitled “Earth?”  Take another look at the art on your wall today and celebrate the ever-creating and ever-sustaining Lord Jesus Christ.

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