Sights from the Sidelines: I am what I am due to I AM

It shouldn’t have surprised me early this morning when my friend casually informed me that he was unemployed again.  If memory serves me well, he just lost or quit his fourth job in four years.  This might not be a huge deal if my friend were–say–eighteen and single.  Instead, he’s about 35, married with five kids.  Having lost their home, he and his family are living with his sister (“Hi, sis. Hope you don’t mind me, the wife and the slew of kids living off ya indefinately.”).  Like me, my friend isn’t “a mover or a shaker.”  He’ll never be famous (hopefully).  Unlike me, however, my friend is struggling to do the simple stuff.  Now before you pat me on the back, let me make this admission:  I am what I am due to I AM.  Let me put it this way:  I am only proving to be faithful, striving to do the right things because of what the Lord Jesus has done in me for His glory.  It’s hard to believe, but our school year is about to be over.  Apart from taking one day off in order to save money on a flight, I have been on campus every morning before 8AM to unlock the buildings for my students and teachers (174 of 175 days).  Sure, I have a deep committment to being faithful.  My father was a faithful employee, setting an example for me by being on-time at a factory fifty miles from home for twenty-five straight years.  Likewise, my mother consistently took her responsibilities seriously both at home and in the workplace.  Thus–you might say–I have faithfulness in my genes.  More importantly, God has worked in me the passion to do the right thing at the right time in the right way for the right reasons.  And–to God be the glory for that work!  And–to God be the glory for His blessing upon my health these past ten months.  He has been very gracious.  Last year, I was hospitalized twice, once with a TIA, once with pneumonia.  This year, I haven’t missed a day.  Thank you, Lord, for all You have done!  Thank you for maturing me, in spite of the many days I kicked and screamed through the entire process.  Thank you, God, for sustaining my health through the long days, the unexpected meetings and the stress.

Friends, if you find yourself doing most of the things you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do them, understand that God deserves much praise!  He’s been gracious to you as well!


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