Reflections on the Quest: “We bow our heads and thank YOU”

The cutest thing happened this morning.  Cascade, my two-year-old, asked for some food for breakfast.  I gave her some microwaveable sandwich, told her to eat it at the table, and went about my business.  However, what she did next brought joy for her father’s heart.  Unprompted, Cascade began to pray.  Hovering over her breakfast, she sang the children’s prayer “God our Father.”  One of the lines in the prayer-song states, “We bow our heads and thank You.”  I trust that I was not the only one pleased at that moment.  It pleases God when we thank Him.  He, too, takes joy in our gratitude. 

Today finds me both exhausted and grateful.  I am exhausted at the conclusion of another school year at the Academy.  Our end-of-year program last night was our last official event from the 2010-2011 academic calendar.  Whew.  To ensure that I would be genuinely tired out after the final week of school, my teaching schedule for the college had me in the classroom Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Did I mention I was tired?!  But I am also grateful.  God worked in many circumstances, in many ways, over the past year at our small school.  Lives were impacted.  It was not an exercise in futility.  I continue to remain thankful for the health and strength that the Lord granted to me throughout the days, weeks and months.  I was able to be on campus 179 of 180 school days, missing one complete day in October as Celena and I flew home from Las Vegas.  Knowing that I am not a poster boy for physical fitness, I praise God for His sustaining grace in my life on a day-to-day basis.  He was kind to me, kind to Rhea County Academy.  My list of reasons for my being thankful could continue.  I could mention our committed school board or our dedicated teachers.  I could specifically name very supportive parents who balanced out some who were not.  But–to refer back to a previous point–I’m tired.  Tired, but grateful.  So, I’ll conclude by joining my daughter in bowing my head and saying, “Thank You, God!”


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