Mountain Melodies and Meditations–Monday

Melody #1

The thick veil of night has put my vista to sleep.  For several hours today, I thoroughly enjoyed a view of a high (high for Tennessee–5’000 ft.) ridge.  Our cabin looks out upon the backyard to the famous Cades Cove–only the third spot on the planet I’ve seen a bear in the wild.  We’ve had a good day of travel, settling and relaxing.  Tonight will be the first of four nights here in Townsend, TN.  Without a doubt, the R&R is needed.  Life is stressful.  Sometimes–especially when your health is like mine–a vacation is “just what the doctor ordered.”  Having said that, however, I very much hope that the children (my four plus one more) have a great time.  Today they went swimming and sat in the hot tub.  This week they will go tubing and into a cave for the first time.  We’re also planning to do something fun on the way home at the end of the week.  Hopefully, this will be a week we will all remember for years to come.

Meditation #1

We began a study of 1 John tonight.  Each day of vacation we are going to read and discuss a chapter in the first epistle.  This evening we enjoyed remembering John’s relationship with his dear friend, Lord and Savior–Jesus Christ.  At the time of the writing of 1 John, the disciple was the only one still living.  Judas hung himself.  The remaining disciples, including Paul, were martyred.  What would John have to say?  What would he choose to communicate to a group of individuals he dearly loved?  Are your ears pricked?  Do you care about what the last living disciple of Jesus Christ considered to be important?  Great!  In chapter one, he said no less than two things.  First, God is absolutely without sin (1:5).  He contains “no darkness at all.”  Second, believers are continually sinning (1:8).  Although we do not walk in darkness (live our lives in blatant disregard to the commandments of God), we still sin.  I still sin.  You still sin.  We rightly aim for perfection on earth, but only achieve perfection in glory.  That’s why the promise of 1 John 1:9 is so precious to us.  God forgives those who confess.  God is perfect.  We ain’t.  But God cleanses all those who “fess up!”  Have you “fessed up”?  It ought to be a regular activity in the life of a believer.  Perhaps we each should end our day with a little confession! 

Thanks for stopping by the cabin!


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