Monday Morsels: Thoughts from Dr. Hodge, Part One

A while back I mentioned that I was slowly making my way through Charles Hodge’s three-volume Systematic Theology.  My schedule finally allowed me to pick it back up yesterday.  Chapter five is entitled “Nature and Attributes of God.”  Talk about a read worth my time!  I love God-exalting theology.  Hodge did not disappoint.  Mind if a I share a few quotes with you as we both begin our week of work?  Great! 

“Everywhere the God of the Bible is contrasted with the gods of the heathen, as a God who sees, hears, and loves” (p.380).

“The love of a holy God to sinners is the most mysterious attribute of the divine nature” (p.427).

“…the reality corresponds to the manifestation. God is true, because He really is what He declares Himself to be; because He is what He commands us to believe Him to be; and because all His declarations correspond to what really is” (p.437).

How unlike us, eh?!

“Sovereignty is not a property of the divine nature, but a prerogative arising out of the perfections of the Supreme Being. If God be a Spirit, and therefore a person infinite, eternal, and immutable in his being and perfections, the Creator and Preserver of the universe, His is of right its absolute sovereign” (p.440).

“Although this sovereignty is thus universal and absolute, it is the sovereignty of wisdom, holiness, and love. The authority of God is limited by nothing out of Himself, but it is controlled, in all its manifestations, by his infinite perfections” (p.441).

Beloved, that is meat; good spiritual truth to chew upon today!  Don’t be afraid to think deeply about God and the things of God.  Over the years, I’ve met several Christians who openly admit that they are not very interested in theology.  They have stated that they prefer to concentrate upon application–as if the two issues were mutually exclusive.  They are not.  All Christians are to be good theologians, and good theologians know God and know about God and, as result, love God and others.  Theology is intensely practical!  At least, it should be. 

What did we learn about God in the quotes from Hodge?  God is BIG!  He’s always been BIG.  He’s BIG today.  Continue to get to know Him and about Him.  Love him.  And–as a result–love others, too.  Today.


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