Morning Mercies: God answered your prayers

Jodi sent the following email to several individuals this morning.  I thought I would include it here.  I, too, thank you for your prayers.

“Wow! We have some interesting news to share with you. I have tears in my eyes as I sit in awe of our great God and His protective hand over Celena this morning as we waited for the doctor to come and prepare for the anesthesia. Her stomach pain increased greatly (we figured it was her nerves) to the point that the 2 doctors agreed they should postpone the surgery. We had awoken at 4AM to get ready and leave for Cleveland to do this, and here we were being told they were not comfortable going ahead with it. So, the plan is for us to return there next Monday at the same time. At the time, Tim and I were not that happy about the decision, but we trusted their judgment. We returned home and I called the pediatrician’s office to schedule an appt. for her today. A side note here is that we thought Celena had a stomach virus these last several days and was recovered pretty much from it. Most symptoms had subsided; thus the occasional stomach pain. Well, at the pediatrician, they did a strep screen and it was positive. The nurse at the surgical center told me that if she has strep it would be a very bad thing to remove her tonsils with active strep infection. So, we see our wonderful, loving, heavenly Father at work (hearing and answering your prayers), protecting our precious daughter from who-knows-what kinds of horrible problems that could have come from creating some big wounds in her throat with active strep bacteria all around! That bacteria is a very bad thing. It also confirms the decision to remove the tonsils. So, she had to have a penicillin shot today, which she hated, of course; but she was a trooper through it. So, please keep praying for her through this week. Give praise and glory to God for the work He has done this day as well! Thank you all very much! We will give you the update after the surgery next week.”


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