Reflections on the Quest: Earthly and Spiritual Wealth

I am convinced that I cannot promote excitement for the cause of Christ worldwide in my children if they are not around missionaries.  That’s why I was excited to host a friend from college Tuesday night.  David Tilly, serving at RVA (Rift Valley Academy), joined our family for a BBQ.  I baited the children by letting them know that those who had a good question would receive ice cream.  They ended up asking far more than four questions!  In the process, one aspect to modern-day African life and life as a missionary stood out.  We (our family, in particular; Americans, in general) are wealthy.  David stated that our house with our property equates to a mansion in rural Kenya (that assessment is probably true for the whole continent).  Sometimes it can be hard to imagine that air conditioning, lights in every room and indoor plumbing are luxuries.  So–this week I am reminded of my earthly wealth.  I am thankful for it and desire to use it to the glory of God.

But I am also grateful for my spiritual wealth.  This morning, the Apostle Paul reminded me that I am rich in Christ.  He stated that great wealth comes by understanding the true knowledge of Christ (Col. 2:2).  Furthermore, “all  the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” are hidden in  Christ (2:3).  The Lord Jesus (2:6)–God-dwelling-in-bodily-form (2:9)–completes and rules me (2:10).  He made me alive (2:13), forgave my sins (2:13) and freed me to focus my attention upon reality (2:17)!  He is my Prize (2:18).  In Christ, I am wealthy indeed!

It’s a dreary Thursday morning here in Southeast Tennessee.  I suppose–if I choose to–I could expend my mental energies focusing my attention on the negatives of life (what isn’t going as I had hoped).  Or, I could choose to walk in Jesus (2:6), thankful for all the blessings I experience, those physical and those spiritual (2:7).  I could also spend my hours today self-consumed (2:18, 23).  Or, I could follow the example of the Apostle who struggled for his fellow believers, doing what was in his power to help them grow in their faith (2:1-2).  That sounds better, doesn’t it?  This blog is one attempt to help you–my friends.  If I can pray specifically for you, please let me know. 

Compared to the majority of individuals in the world, you are probably very wealthy.  If you are a Christian, you are indeed very wealthy.  Overflow to gratitude! 

“Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.”

PS–Speaking of blessings…Celena is doing remarkably well a day after her surgery.  Thank you for praying!


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