Never a Dull Moment: Blacked Out and Bad Wasps

I should not find the events of this afternoon so humorous.  At the very same moment, Celena “blacked out” in the shower (probably passed out) and TJ was stung by two bad (mean and spiteful) wasps outside.  Celena was white as a sheet, wondering why exactly her daddy thought it was a good idea she get clean (five days…need I say more?).  TJ was howling like a hurt Ferengi (if you don’t know what that is, you’re more on the normal side than me–which probably doesn’t shock you–[a Ferengi is a character on Star Trek]).  Lest you begin to worry, the kids are fine.  Celena is recovering nicely from her surgery on Wednesday.  And her color has returned (along with a pleasant odor).  TJ–who is allergic to bee stings–is well now that we eliminated the stinging sensation  (in fact, he crashed due to the Benadryl).  The little ones are mellowing out as a long but productive week inches its way to its conclusion. 

It was an eventful week.  I am thankful for the strength the Lord provided and for all I was able to accomplish.  More than that, I am thankful for how well Celena’s body and her spirit responded to the surgery.  You are surely aware that even minor surgeries can have major complications.  Some kids do not wake up after anesthesia (I know it’s extremely rare, but I know of one, in particular).  Some children respond poorly to surgeries like Celena went through and end up hospitalized.  There were no promises.  But God was gracious, not treating Celena as her sins deserve, not treating her parents as their sins deserve.  At the end of a full week of family responsibilities, ministry and work, I am overflowing with thankfulness.

I do very much hope you had a great week.  Did you black out?  Were you attacked by bad wasps?  Sure hope not!  Think of all the ways in which God blessed you over the past seven days, and lift up a “Thank You” prayer to heaven.  It’s fitting and proper that you should do this.

And–if you think of it, pray for my ministry in the Word on Sunday.  I will be preaching at our church this week–Grace Reformed Baptist Church.  Pray that Christ will be exalted and God’s people edified (built up so that they can do the work of the ministry).  Thanks!

FYI–This is Quark–a famous Ferengi:


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