Coffee with A’Kempis: Part Three

“If thou consider the worth of the Giver, no gift will seem little, or of too mean esteem. For that can not be little which is given by the Most High God” (I.10.5).

Take a moment this weekend to “consider the worth of the Giver.”   How important is the triune God to you?  How precious is the Father?  How valuable is Christ?  How would you estimate the advantage to having the Holy Spirit? 

Now–take  another moment to think through the gifts that you have?  What blessings appear on your list?  The Bible?  A spouse?  Children?  Friends?  A good church?  A nice house?  A reliable car?  Steady employment?

Several years ago, a popular praise song included the line: “Every blessing You pour out, I’ll turn back to praise.” 

I wonder–are we doing that?  Are we praising the Giver for His many gifts?  Or, are we committing idolatry by cherishing and enjoying the blessings of God more than God?

Thoughts to ponder from a 15th century Dutch priest.


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