Horrible Bosses, Horrible Movie


Do I need to define my terms?  The new movie Horrible Bosses is filled with profanity.  How do I know?  I read reviews before I see movies lest I sit in a theater and hear, well, 120-f-bombs.  What irritated me was that I would have liked to see the subject matter covered in the movie–work place ethics.  I wanted to see their portrayal of the issues we are currently covering in my Business Ethics class for Bryan College.  However, my ethic kept me from seeing a movie on ethics.  As you might imagine, the movie is receiving rave reviews by both the fans and those in the industry. 

Profanity is popular. 

Sex sells. 

I’m not interested.  I simply do not need any more fuel for my flesh.  I have a hard enough time controlling the sin which desires to control my members without voluntarily putting myself into such an environment.  I can hear the critics even as I write. 

“You’re just weak.”

“Just because you can’t handle the negative influences doesn’t mean I can’t.”

“I can watch a movie without being affected by it.”

That last line was actually used by a fellow seminary student years ago in Orlando.  He was convinced that he could remain unaffected by hearing profanity and watching sex scenes in movies.  He was naive.  What we listen to changes us.  What we see shapes us. 

If you desire to honor God you will investigate your entertainment options prior to allowing those entertainment options to influence you.  When you do, you can objectively state that Horrible Bosses is a horrible movie without even seeing a preview. 

“You’re just a religious fanatic.”

Well, if religious fanaticism looks like striving to live to the glory of God in a God-neglecting culture, then I am guilty as charged.

Who’s with me?!

PS–A few related thoughts were included on the Quick Takes page.


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