African Christian University: A God-Exalting Dream


“Growing in grace and knowledge”

That’s the motto of ACU–African Christian University.  I am a small part of a group of individuals which desires to see a holistic, Christ-centered educational institution “where every discipline is taught from the perspective that all knowledge originates from God, through Jesus Christ, as the Creator.  Students should leave every lecture having experienced the exalted Christ in every truth.”  Those words are found in an informative pamphlet about ACU. 

Do they resonate with your passions as they do mine?

I have a heart for Christian colleges, partly due to the profound impact in my life by faculty and staff of Bryan College.  As a result, it did not take long for Ken Turnbull to excite me about the dream of seeing a university with a biblical worldview in Zambia.

What–you don’t know where Zambia is?  Neither did I!  Here’s the map:

Let’s zoom in so you will get a better view of “the Butterfly Country.”

Thanks to God using Bryan College in my own life, and for my several interactions with Ken Turnbull, I, too, have a desire to see a Christ-centered university in the country of Zambia.  My hope has been to stir your emotions a bit along these same lines.  South-Central Africa needs what ACU is currently planning and praying to offer. 

Would you consider praying for this ministry? 

If you would like more information, please see the link on top of this page.

I close with a picture of Victoria Falls!


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