Aiming the Arrows: Happy Birthday, Cascade!

My adorable. little, blonde-headed girl has turned three years old!  Words escape me as I attempt to describe how much joy my fourth child brings to my life.  The older I become, the more I genuinely believe the Scriptural declaration, “Children are a blessing from God” (Ps. 127:3).

Today is a special day.  Cascade turned three on the same day my father was born back in 1927.  When we think of her, we should think of him.  There are several similarities, including their sense of humor and intelligence!  I miss Dad today but will remind myself to enjoy “Babies” a little bit more. 

In order to celebrate Cascade’s (today) and Dayton’s birthday (Wednesday), we scraped together what we could to accompany two passes to Lake Winnie that Dayton won earlier this summer.  (Lake Winnie is a great, medium-sized amusement park in North Georgia).  We spent 1-8PM at the park today, and the kids had a blast!  My birthday girl particularly enjoyed a kiddie swing ride (you know the type–circle after circle after circle resulting in nasuea for any normal adult) and the water play area.  While I was watching the two birthday kids soaking themselves, a country song was playing over the speaker.  The refrain grabbed my attention, “That’s a good thing.”  In other words, this is life at its best.  The wife and kids were having a great time.  I couldn’t ask for much more.  It was “a little bit of chicken fried.”  I smiled several times.  That says quite a bit. 

So–here I sit at the end of a good day (presents for Cascade, Sunday School, church, amusement park), praising God for His grace. I hope you experienced that same grace this Lord’s Day. 

In closing, allow me to share some Cascade gems from the past two days:

“Oh–that van is driving faster than us. It’s going to pass us. That man is sleeping; no, he is praying for God to help him.”

“Daddy, look at me!  I’m a tomato!”

“Once upon a time, God went to a park.  And He had a little boy and a little girl and He named them Puppy Dog and Kitty Cat.”


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